Dennis Anderson

Born in Nebraska, Dennis spent most of his growing-up years in Green Bay Packer-land near Baraboo, WI. Playing basketball, football, and tennis through high school and college, sports were everything to him for many years, but they never produced the gratification he was looking for. He sought further fulfillment in other pursuits, but all of them were mirages–beckoning with the illusion of happiness, but doing nothing for the thirst in his soul. He finally found REAL joy when he encountered the fount of living waters, Jesus, and found ultimate satisfaction in him (see John chapter 4). His great passion is to share this glorious gospel with others. 

Dennis earned a degree at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN, where he also met his wife, Betsy. They spent 10 years in southern Minnesota where Dennis served as an associate pastor before moving his family to Louisville, KY to earn his M. Div. at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. During that time he became a member of the Immanuel Network–“helping pastors plant and cultivate churches for global harvest” (you can learn more about the network here).  

After being asked to serve at Grace, Dennis and Betsy moved back to their home state in 2011. Shortly after, they decided to bump their number of children from two to four through the hard and beautiful means of fostering/adoption. If he’s not studying, Dennis is usually doing some kind of DIY project or out in the yard. He also keeps the Anderson freezer stocked with chocolate chip cookies. 


Gary Beeman

 Gary has served as Associate Pastor at Grace since 2001. He has lived in the Southern Wisconsin area his entire life, coming to faith in Christ in 1974, for which he is eternally grateful! Married to Sue, they have two daughters (Wendy and Jen) and two granddaughters (Ashley and Kenzie). Gary is an outdoorsman at heart, enjoying hunting, fishing, trapping, “shrooming,” and all related activities.  Among other things, he is primarily involved with jail ministry, visitation, prayer, and small groups. You can often hear him quoting the great truths found in classic sacred poems and hymns.