When you step through the doors at Grace, you’ll find a welcoming community of believers striving to encourage one another on toward Christ likeness, love, and good works by mutual encouragement through the means of Scripture, meeting regularly, serving one another, praying for one another, and speaking the truth into each other’s lives in love. Life in community at Grace takes many forms, on Sundays and throughout the week. 

Sunday School

Sunday school is a discipleship time for all ages.  Children’s classes are divided by age group: nursery, lower elementary, and upper elementary. Teen and adult classes also meet during this time (sometimes combined). All are centered around the study of Scripture or edifying gospel books and resources, with occasional classes offered for membership and baptism. 

Bible Studies

Men’s and women’s studies run for varying lengths of time throughout the year, working through books of or topics in Scripture. These offer the opportunity to study and apply God’s Word with other men and women, as well as to challenge and encourage one another in areas like Bible memorization and prayer.

Small Groups

 Small groups meet weekly in homes. They are characterized by fellowship, prayer, and application of Sunday messages as they translate into our everyday lives.  This is a time mid-week to encourage, develop greater depth of relationship with one another, and spur one another on towards love and good deeds.  

Prayer Meetings

Our monthly congregational prayer meetings are a time when we meet together to plead with God to do for us what we cannot do on our own.  We recognize that we are dependent on God to meet the many needs both in our own lives and in the world around us. 

Regular Fellowship

We love a good potluck! Once a quarter (sometimes more), we gather together after church for delicious food and fellowship. This is a special time for our community to foster warmth and friendship. We also encourage our members to practice hospitality and invite each other into their homes and lives as a regular practice. 

Special Events

We have many special events throughout the year: Vacation Bible School, Labor Day campout, Harvest Supper, special holiday services (Christmas Eve and Good Friday), and others. These provide unique ways to interact, serve, celebrate, and worship together as the gifts given to different members of the Body are demonstrated, to the glory of God!